December 5, 2019

“Directors on US boards are being punished by big investors for failings ranging from excessive executive pay to poor independent oversight, with shareholder rebellions on re-elections up more than a fifth this year. There were 1,025 shareholder revolts on director re-elections in 2019 across the Russell 3000, up from 835 in 2018, according to Proxy Insight. The data provider classes a revolt as anything with 20 per cent or more opposition.”

Financial Times
December 5, 2019

“We are setting … the minimum global standard we expect when it comes to governance”

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Reputation risk is the peril of economic and political damage, especially to directors and officers, from disappointed shareholders.

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Risk governance and management, risk financing in insurance captives, and risk transfer through reputation insurances comprise the constituent elements of a comprehensive enterprise reputation risk solution.

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