July 27, 2020

“’As companies’ balance sheets continue to be more heavily weighted to intangible versus tangible assets, Coyle believes that reputation is perhaps a company’s most valuable asset and with today’s social media and 24-hour news, it could be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

It is therefore natural to seek ways to manage reputational risk. Self-insurance coupled with reinsurance to manage exposure should be at the forefront of every CFO/risk managers mind, particularly for companies heavily reliant on their reputations to trade successfully,’ Coyle adds.”

Captive Insurance Times
July 27, 2020

“Gerken adds: “A reputational crisis…can quickly devolve into a liquidity crisis.”

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Reputation risk management: how you both create your reputational value and protect it in the event of potential disappointment.

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Risk governance and management, risk financing, and risk transfer through insurances comprise the constituent elements of a comprehensive enterprise reputation risk management solution.

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