April 3, 2022

Russia’s reputation is toast. “Reputation relates to the degree to which stakeholder expectations align with a company’s (or country’s) actual performance. Value depends on how confidently stakeholders expect firms’ (or countries’) reputations predict future behavior. Reputation is therefore the value of present expectations for the future, and a crisis is when that expection is jarringly not met.”

Strategic Risk
April 3, 2022

“A ‘heat of the moment’ event can change stakeholders’ behaviors and ignite a crisis.”

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Controls and insurance mitigate the passions of ESG and reputation risk, thereby creating a value surge.

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Risk governance and management, risk financing, and risk transfer through insurances comprise the constituent elements of a comprehensive enterprise reputation risk management solution. Learn about our services here.

Are ESG insurance or reputation insurance part of your strategy? 

Reputation value is a strategic power companies use to sell more, faster, and at premium prices; and to obtain labor, vendor services, as well as capital on preferred terms. 

Steel City Re mitigates the hazards of ESG (reputation) risk that threaten reputation value. We use parametric reputation insurances, ESG insurances, and risk management advisory services to make our clients reputationally resilient.

Risk management, risk financing in insurance captives, and risk transfer through reputation insurances comprise the constituent elements of a comprehensive Steel City Re reputation risk governance and management solution.