May 30, 2024

Synthetic Data Key to Future Success

Synthetic data is the cool “AI” way of saying “insuring to model,” which is the essence of parametric insurance. In the worldview of Earnix, actuarial modeling will be based on models generated by AI, rather than on actual experience. Shocking? Parametric insurance products that have struggled to gain acceptance. Perhaps the AI marketing spin will make ensure parametrics look as cool as they really are?

May 29, 2024

Reputation risk emerges from choice. Choice can be influenced through determinants of human behavior: individual and social-structural.

Reputation risk emerges from a sea of choice. Choice can be influenced. “What was effective at an individual level was targeting habits (helping people to stop or start a behavior), behavioral attitudes (having people associate certain behaviors as being “good” or “bad”), and behavioral skills (having people learn how to remove obstacles to their behavior). […Socially, ] What was most effective was focusing on targeting access (like providing flu vaccinations at work) or social support (facilitating groups of people who help one another to meet their physical activity goals).”

May 18, 2024

Boeing Proxy Advisers Split Boeing Proxy Advisers Split. Directors’ personal reputational value depends on how well they meet stakeholders’ expectations for contributing to institutional reputation resilience by dutifully overseeing thoughtful risk management over everything that is mission critical. Naturally, that personal reputation value sinks when influential third party proxy advisers imply that directors’ further contributions …

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May 3, 2024

Developing and Refining Risk Appetite and Tolerance. RIMS (S)ERM Executive Report. Monitor the risk landscape with metrics that are relevant, measurable, and actionable—before a crisis…advise Lianne Appelt, Lorie Graham and Trisha Sqrow. Hear a 5 Minute Adventure in Risk & Resilience podcast explain how with your bespoke edition of Steel City Re’s 3-part Resilience Monitor.