May 1, 2023

CEOs Going Viral Starbucks

CEOs Going Viral. Starbucks founder Howard Schultz recently clashed with Sen. Bernie Sanders “There being nothing to surprise their respective stakeholders, raise their emotional states, and shift their prior expectations, I don’t think there was any material reputational impact to anyone,” Kossovsky wrote.

March 28, 2023

Board tool for ESG and reputation risk. Steel City Re is offering a stand-alone product to boards of directors seeking timely, actionable intelligence tools to help them oversee mission critical risks.

Reputation insurer Steel City Re is offering access to its proprietary Reputation Volatility Metrics (RVM) Reports as a stand-alone product to boards of directors seeking timely, actionable intelligence tools to help them oversee mission critical risks. Best governance practices encourage boards to improve their risk oversight with independent intelligence sources. At a time when companies face multiple shifting and diverse risks that are magnified and accelerated by weaponized social media, Steel City Re said that its RVM report is a powerful tool for board members overseeing the management of enterprise risks such as ESG, reputation, ethics, safety, and security.

March 25, 2023

Yes, reputation is insurable.

Yes, reputation is insurable. That’s the opinion of several carriers and agencies interviewed by Law360. “The proportion of the asset base of larger companies, and for the majority of companies these days, has shifted from the tangible and physical to the intangible. Reputation and brand are a core part of that,” Neil Kempston, head of Beazley’s Incubation Underwriting team, told Law360. […] Steel City Re instead offers parametric coverage, in which after some reputational loss, the insurer automatically applies a preset coverage amount based on the level of reputation impairment once a policy is found to be triggered.

February 21, 2023

Thoughtful Risk Management and Dutiful Oversight Agenda

The settlement with Activision Blizzard could have widespread implications for how companies choose to manage risk, according to Nir Kossovsky, CEO of Steel City Re, which provides insurance for reputation and assists companies in establishing risk management functions. Kossovsky said that companies should create “reputation risk leadership committees” composed of representatives from “every silo” of the company that interacts with a critical stakeholder group…“No one can argue with thoughtful risk management and dutiful oversight, but you need a demonstrable, effective process to make that claim.”

January 12, 2023

"Investors want to know that a firm has an effective, authenticated, thoughtful risk management process and governance over everything that's mission-critical," Kossovsky explained.

Angry Reactions From Stakeholders. Southwest Airlines promoted five executives as the budget air carrier continues to reel from an operational meltdown that resulted in nearly 17,000 canceled flights over the chaotic holiday travel season. The company said … the moves would “strengthen our operational execution.” […] Nir Kossovsky, an expert on corporate risk and CEO of Steel City Re, told FOX Business that the angry reactions from apparent stakeholders is further evidence that Southwest is going through a “reputational crisis.”