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The cutting-edge Information management systems we like to see provide business decision makers with actionable intelligence. These systems work by identifying risk patterns from the federated information companies house in their various data repositories, from the world-wide-web of information, and from the tacit information (read, gut feeling) held by key stakeholders. The element of surprise …

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November 1, 2012

I am pleased I got his book. Nice work Nir! This is just one example of the thorough and credible positioning of the value of corporate reputation and why organizations that are socially and environmentally credible essentially fashion a “reservoir of goodwill” that enables them to become more resilient not only to climate change risks, …

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February 24, 2010

Develop better communication strategies for stakeholders Realize how superior management of intangible assets creates a competitive edge Mitigate risks that may damage the value of intangible assets Build a business case for resources and achieve a healthy return on investment Identify intangible assets and how they contribute to a company’s enterprise value Dr. Nir Kossovsky …

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