Risk Management

May 29, 2024

Reputation risk emerges from choice. Choice can be influenced through determinants of human behavior: individual and social-structural.

Reputation risk emerges from a sea of choice. Choice can be influenced. “What was effective at an individual level was targeting habits (helping people to stop or start a behavior), behavioral attitudes (having people associate certain behaviors as being “good” or “bad”), and behavioral skills (having people learn how to remove obstacles to their behavior). […Socially, ] What was most effective was focusing on targeting access (like providing flu vaccinations at work) or social support (facilitating groups of people who help one another to meet their physical activity goals).”

May 3, 2024

Developing and Refining Risk Appetite and Tolerance. RIMS (S)ERM Executive Report. Monitor the risk landscape with metrics that are relevant, measurable, and actionable—before a crisis…advise Lianne Appelt, Lorie Graham and Trisha Sqrow. Hear a 5 Minute Adventure in Risk & Resilience podcast explain how with your bespoke edition of Steel City Re’s 3-part Resilience Monitor.

March 1, 2024

Reputation risk management is an efficient strategy for interconnected risk. “Risk interconnectivity — the interdependence of various risks, illustrating how one risk can affect or amplify others across systems — is of growing concern to global risk managers. […] Andrew Chung, litigation, arbitration and investigations partner at Linklaters, said the key enterprise risks that are top of mind for clients today are interconnected. He explained: “We are seeing how risks across financial crime, cyber, ESG and energy transition, digital transformation and AI, and geopolitics including supply chain and sanctions all have common elements and data, so now require an enterprise-wide and holistic lens more than ever, to properly manage the risks.”