Cocktails of the Year 2023 | Pittsburgh

Ennea Type 5

Contributed by Steel City Re, inspired by Bear Brandegee.

Julep Strainer
Mixing Glass
Fruit Peeler

Coupe glass (8.5 fl oz)

2 oz (60 ml) Bluecoat Gin
1 oz (30 ml) Campari
.5 oz (15 ml) Antica Formula Vermouth
.5 oz (15 ml) Averna Amaro
5 dashes Walnut Bitters

Fig & Cherry

Glassware Prep: Chill glass in refrigerator, or fill with ice and soda water. Dispose of ice before pouring drink.
Integration: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir and strain into coupe. Garnish with a cherry.

• Measure precisely.
Stirring: add all your ingredients to the mixing glass before adding ice. Once ice is added, holding your bar spoon as you would a pencil or chopstick, insert into the glass and rotate along the edge of the glass in a clockwise motion, holding the spoon loosely so that it can naturally turn with the edge of the glass. The cup, or inside bowl, of the spoon should always be facing the center of the radius of your stir. Allow the spoon to swivel between your fingers as you move your hand in a circular motion
Garnish: The cherry garnish adds more of an aesthetic value to the cocktail. Try it with an orange peel or perhaps a freeze dried fig float.
Shaking: Typically any cocktail that is comprised of all spirits will be stirred, as it doesn’t require the hard shaking to infuse juice components into the spirit components, but try this as a shaken cocktail. Shaking can also add air into the drink, giving it a lighter mouthfeel.

Gin: Bluecoat gin is an “American dry gin”. Any London dry gin style can be substituted, but will have
more piny, juniper notes. Try to find a drier style that has more of a lighter citrus note.
Negroni: This cocktail is a riff on a Negroni, the 1:1:1 Gin:Vermouth:Campari classic cocktail. It’s a great template for playing around with different flavors following this very standard recipe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and make some daring swapping of ingredients on your own. Play with the ratios as well. Be bold!
Amaro: Averna is what we offer in this recipe, but feel free to try other amaros as well. Montenegro or Nonino may make some pleasing substitutions. But be wary of anything too bitter such as Fernet Branca or Cynar, as they may amplify the bitterness of the cocktail when mixed with Campari.
No mixing glass: If you do not have a seamless, large, stemmed mixing glass handy, use a pint glass.

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