Cocktail of the Year 2022 | Pittsburgh

Steel City Re’s Martini

Recipe Credit: Bear Brandegee.

Weighted Shaker Tins
Hawthorne Strainer
Fine Mesh Double Strainer

Coupe glass (8.5 fl oz)

0.33 oz (10 ml) Dolin Blanc Vermouth
3.0 oz (90 ml) Stateside Vodka
Ice, Rocks

Pickled Juanita Peppers x 2, harpooned

Glassware Prep: Chill glass, shaker and jigger in freezer or fill with ice and water. Dispose of ice before measuring or pouring drink.
Integration: Combine vodka and vermouth in a shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain rocktail into the coupe. Garnish.

• Keep Vodka in the freezer.
• Measure precisely and move expeditiously lest anything warm up.
• Shake brutally so that the fine ice chips produce a fine sheen when the drink is strained into the coupe.
• If garnishing with olives, use Spanish Queen olives, harpooned
• Minimize the transfer of brine with the peppers or olives.
• Keep Vermouth refrigerated after opening.
• Wear a tuxedo or gown.

No Dolin Blanc Vermouth: Purchase this product. Vermouths are complex fortified wines and each brand has a unique flavor.
No Stateside Vodka: Use any premium Vodka or American dry Gin.
No Pickled Juanita Peppers: These peppers are mildly sweet. For different flavor profiles, consider lemon peel, jalapeño-stuffed olives, blue cheese-stuffed olives, cocktail onions or classic pimento-stuffed olives.

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