Steel City Re’s reputation risk services include parametric reputation risk insurances and advisory services using a risk management framework informed by behavioral economics. Fully deployed, the solution tells stakeholders a simple, credible and completely convincing story that manifests in measurable benefits including stock price and credit cost optimization; reduced fines; successful Caremark defense pleadings; and more.

Quantitative, bespoke, and objectively selective

Steel City Re’s services help manage expectations, mitigate anger and disappointment, and parametrically indemnify fortuitous losses.

Risk Assessment

As the thought leader and exclusive provider of parametric reputation risk insurances and advisory services using a risk management framework informed by behavioral economics, Steel City Re first wrote the books on the subject over a decade ago. Since then:

* Our technology-driven quantitative rigor has been proven highly effective by financial markets in both insuring and arbitraging reputation risk; and

* Our innovative application of behavioral economic principles in our reputation risk management framework is presciently similar to elements of BlackRock’s 2021 proxy voting guidelines.

Our reputation risk services begin with a reputaiton risk assessment.

Risk Management (ERM)

Reputation risk is an enterprise-wide family of perils requiring a systems solution comprising a process distinct from operations risk management, marketing, or crisis communications, yet seamlessly dovetailing with them. Steel City Re has solutions for reputation risk governance and enterprise-wide reputation risk management that empowers a firm’s risk management apparatus with policies, practices, procedures, communication tools, and indemnification instruments.

Parametric Insurance

Dread of reputation risk permeates boards’ concerns about governance, counsels’ about compliance, institutional investors’ about equity risk, bond raters’ about credit risk, and others about ESG risk. Steel City Re’s reputation premium finder can help companies insure, manage, and arbitrage reputation risk with quantitative rigor..

Reputation insurances, approached on a parametric basis, addressing emerging risks and ESG compliance; and exploiting the power of captives, can profitably counteract the multiple negative effects of the current hardening P&C market.

A typical solution for reputation value loss may be anchored by a captive for risk retention and transfer with insurance policies led by the Lloyd’s syndicate, Tokio Marine Kiln. All Steel City Re risk financing and transfer policies are triggered parametrically. Separate additional towers for non-damage business interruption, crisis management, and related losses can be readily integrated, creating a more robust financial solution.

Parametric Reputation Health Risk Reports

With recent bank crises demonstrating the need for corporate boards to have better risk oversight tools to recognize mission-critical crises before they trigger bank runs or equity value incinerations, reputation insurer Steel City Re is offering access to its proprietary Reputation Volatility Metrics (RVM) Reports as a stand-alone product to Boards of Directors seeking timely, actionable intelligence tools to help them oversee mission critical risks.
Previously, these reports were offered only as bundled benefits with Steel City Re’s reputation risk management advisory services and parametric ESG / reputation insurances.

Best governance practices encourage boards to improve their risk oversight with independent intelligence sources. At a time when companies face multiple shifting and diverse risks that are magnified and accelerated by weaponized social media, Steel City Re’s RVM report is a powerful tool for board members overseeing the management of enterprise risks such as ESG, reputation, ethics, safety, and security.

Steel City Re’s RVM report is the only objective quantitative risk strategy product measuring reputation value and volatility, enables peer benchmarking and trend analysis; and is powered by parametric technology that also enables reputation insurance, equity arbitrage strategies, and the public reputation-based equity index (INDEXCME: REPUVAR).

Metrics on more than 8000 public companies are updated weekly and populate reports that help risk professionals manage reputation risk and board members oversee risk strategies to protect mission critical assets.