Vital Asset

Reputations are informed stakeholder expectations—emotionally-laden products of social, political and economic factors—that boards and CEOs have a duty to protect.

Measuring Reputation Value

Reputation value is the accumulated economic benefit of stakeholders’ expectations. Using big data indicators of these expectations, Steel City Re has pioneered useful measures of value.

Features of Reputation Risk

Reputation risks are material perils of economic harm from angry, disappointed stakeholders exacerbated by media and social media amplification. Steel City Re can help executives and companies identify and defend against these risks.

Cost of Reputation Loss

Reputation crises comprise widespread stakeholder disappointment and diminished trust, causing go-forward economic losses that Steel City Re has been measuring accurately for nearly two decades.

ROI of Reputation Risk Management

Reputation risk management, financing, and insurances from Steel City Re can deter and mitigate reputational attacks, reducing the cost of negative events and the ensuing media coverage. Our products reduce boards’ exposure to shareholder derivative suit liability and companies’ cost of capital at the same time.