Risk Management (ERM)

ESG | Reputation risk is an enterprise-wide family of perils requiring a systems solution comprising a process distinct from operations risk management, marketing, or crisis communications, yet seamlessly dovetailing with them. Steel City Re has solutions for reputation risk governance and enterprise-wide reputation risk management that empowers a firm’s risk management apparatus with policies, practices, procedures, communication tools, and indemnification instruments.

Advisory Business Purpose

Enterprise ESG | reputation risk management can help mitigate the risk of an adverse event from blossoming into a full-blown reputational crisis while at the same time mitigating a reputational crisis from expanding and attracting the interest of activists, litigators, and regulators.

It can also increase situational awareness when cultural and social changes begin to shift and suddenly transform previously tolerated events into adverse events with reputational consequences.

Best of all, as reported recently in NACD’s Directorship, the right reputation risk management framework disclosed transparently to your stakeholders transforms the expanding morass of 21st century perils into an asset that is valued by analysts, institutional investors, bond and ESG raters. At the same time, earnings multiples may be boosted.

Process and Deliverables

Steel City Re forges reputation resilience. We create this strategically valuable state through parametric reputation and ESG risk insurances and advisory services that incorporate a risk management framework informed by behavioral economics.

The deliverables comprise the following:

  • Reputation Resilience Strategy Plan
  • Initial Quantitative Report
  • Monthly Quantitative Report Updates
  • Compendium Of Written Controls
  • Underwriting Reports
  • Parametric Policies
  • Evidence For Documenting Board Oversight
  • Communications Team Consultative Support

The deployment impacts the enterprise risk management apparatus (governance, leadership, controls, and insurances) and increases its situational awareness of external changes that may create reputational risks that are cultural climate (reputation and ESG)-related. This is valued by institutional investors. The composition, timing and scope of the deployment are bespoke and tailored collaboratively with the client.

What’s your strategy?

Reputational risk is a concern for every company, organization or individual in corporate leadership. Let us help develop your strategy for reputational resilience.

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