Steel City Re forges value through reputation resilience. We provide parametric reputation insurances and risk management advisory services built on a framework of behavioral economics.

Reputation risk is the gap between stakeholders’ expectations and reality. Dread of reputation risk permeates boards’ concerns about governance, counsels’ about compliance, institutional investors’ about equity risk, bond raters’ about credit risk, and others about ESG risk. When consequential, it can give rise to the many costly perils of disappointment. Accordingly, reputation resilience is especially valued by institutional investors, credit analysts, and equity portfolio managers. Public display of authenticated enterprise-level risk management of that which is mission-critical to the business is a proven strategy for forging that value. Steel City Re’s services enable this strategy.

“Lose money for the firm, and I will be understanding. Lose a shred of reputation for the firm, and I will be ruthless.” (Watch video)

Warren Buffett, American Business Magnate

Reputation Value and Risk

Reputation is an expectation. It may evoke in stakeholders anticipation or dread. Stakeholder behaviors induced by their expectations create reputation value. Companies harness this value strategically to sell more, faster, and at premium prices; and to obtain labor, vendor services, as well as capital on preferred terms. Reputation can help companies outperform competitors, deter activists, and assuage regulators. Reputation value’s magnitude correlates with stakeholders’ emotional intensity. So does risk.

Reputation Resilience Services

Reputation resilience is valued by institutional investors, credit analysts, and equity portfolio managers. Steel City Re forges this value through a four stage journey: • Integrating enterprise reputation risk controls • Upgrading governance of mission-critical controls • Authenticating control quality with insurances • Disclosing authenticated controls publicly.

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