Benefits for CFO’s

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Our products empower risk managers to inform senior finance executives with strategies and tools for:

Monitoring with control charts indexed cash flow expectations (aka reputation value);
Lowering the costs of debt, risk management, insurance, and losses; 
Insuring an intangible asset, implying superior risk management;
Maximizing the equity value return on investments in enterprise risk management and resilience; and
Authenticating of the value of captive insurance premiums for tax reporting purposes.

Today’s strategic risk managers provide CFO’s with insights and tools helpful in executing corporate financial strategy and protect enterprise value. With this broad and deep quantified visibility into enterprise risk and its management, and innovative strategies for insurance captives, CFO’s are better positioned to meet the requirements of their financial strategy responsibilities and the value-creation expectations of their executive suite and Board.

Articles for CFO’s

July 6, 2024

Boeing Company reputation crisis day 183. Equity is down 41.7% to peers. Implications for manufacturers…
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Lacking good solutions, $25 billion of Marsh clients’ premium is going to captives. Hey! Steel City Re's insurance is made for complex risk!

June 8, 2024

Captives are a solution to the lack of innovation. Martin South, president and chief…
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Parametric solutions are gaining prevalence as “insureds sought to support their retention strategies or close the protection gap.”

June 1, 2024

Take up rates for parametric risk transfer, insurance and reinsurance solutions have grown “dramatically” over…
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May 7, 2024

Podcast. Reputation Spearheads Resilience at a $150bn Financial Services Company. You Don’t Have to Win…
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May 5, 2024

AstraZeneca ushers future of risk management and insurance for mission critical risk: outcome policy for…
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May 3, 2024

Developing and Refining Risk Appetite and Tolerance. RIMS (S)ERM Executive Report. Monitor the risk landscape…
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