Video Abstracts

Overview | ESG-linked Reputation Risks and Solutions (New December ’22): Of the many on offer, only our solution is quantitative, battle-tested, quality management-proven, and grounded in four Nobel Prize winning insights. Run Time: 00:04:24

Advisory and Insurance Services (March ’22): Steel City Re’s parametric reputation insurances, ESG insurances, and risk management advisory services mitigate the hazards of ESG and Reputation risk. Here’s how. Run Time: 00:03:38

Overview (June 2021): Reputation risk, you may be surprised to learn, is actually a class of perils. The common element: emotionally charged disappointed stakeholders. Facing reputation losses, such stakeholders may be ruthless. Run Time: 00:03:38

D&O Value Proposition (July 2021): We offer the points we think risk professionals should bring to the attention of every board member regarding reputation and courts, capital markets and regulators. Run Time: 00:02:41

ESG Insurance (September 2021): ESG Insurance is part “errors and omissions” insurance, part “ESG board performance” bond, and part strategic communication to regulators, institutional investors and both bond and ESG raters. Run Time: 00:02:49

Reputation and Reputation Value (March 2020): Reputation value—an asset-protection, oversight, and compliance duty of Boards—is created by choices made in expectation of a benefit or dread of harm. There can be no reputation value if there is no expectation, and no expectation if the benefit or harm is kept secret. Run Time: 00:02:22

Parametric Principles (Insurance Part I, May 2020): Parametric insurance is standard insurance in every respect but one: loss payment is based on a financial model rather than on a loss adjuster’s estimate or a documented expense. Run Time: 00:02:31

Risk & Insurance (Insurance Part II, May 2020): Steel City Re’s parametric insurances can be engineered to meet the differing risk transfer financial strategies of our clients. Reinsurance can be engineered for insurance captives. Run Time: 00:02:09

Case Study 6 (February 2021): A robust reputation risk management solution can create and protect corporate, board, and executive value. This is a case study of what was, and what could have been based on the actual experiences of real companies this past decade. Run Time: 00:03:10