Video Abstracts

Welcome and Overview: Reputation risk, you may be surprised to learn, is actually an class of perils. The common element: emotionally charged stakeholders whose expectations have not, are not, or will not be met. Run Time: 00:01:46

Reputation and Reputation Value: Reputation value—an asset-protection, oversight, and compliance duty of Boards—is created by choices made in expectation of a benefit or dread of harm. There can be no reputation value if there is no expectation, and no expectation if the benefit or harm is kept secret. Run Time: 00:02:22

Advisory and Insurance Services: Steel City Re combines 7 million measures of reputational value with insights from informational and behavioral economics to manage, mitigate, and insure reputation risk. Because reputation risk management is strategic, the whole point is lost if you keep it a secret. Run Time: 00:01:37

D&O Value Proposition: We offer the points we think risk professionals should bring to the attention of every board member regarding reputation and courts, capital markets and regulators. Run Time: 00:02:41

Measuring Value and Risk: In production. Run Time: 00:00:00

Parametric Insurance Features: In production. Run Time: 00:00:00