Resilience Success Stories

A Reputation for Safety Sets Apart a $40bn Manufacturing Company

How We Helped our Stakeholders Stop Worrying and Waiting For A Proverbial Door To Fall Off. Triggered by the challenges at the Boeing Company, a risk executive and her leadership team use insurance strategically to allay her firm’s customers’ new fears of quality and safety. Run Time: 00:05:25.

A Reputation for Risk Management Enhances Value at a $5bn REIT

Don’t Worry, Take Action. Southwest Airlines’ reputation crisis helps a risk executive persuade leadership to invest in value-enhancing mission-critical risk management services. Run Time: 00:04:32.

Reputation Spearheads Resilience at a $150bn Financial Services Company

You Don’t Have to Win A Nobel Prize To Benefit From One. Morgan Stanley’s reputation crisis from 2011-2013 persuades reputation risk counsel that insurance-linked process transparency can strengthen financial resilience. Run Time: 00:05:01.

Risk Management and Governance Look Smart at a $240bn Pharmaceutical Company

Whether You Build It Or Buy It, You Probably Need to Do It. Not to be outclassed as investors comment on Astrazeneca’s brilliant resilience insurance solution and remarkable equity bump, a competitor takes action. Run Time: 00:05:39.

A Reputation for Risk Management Mitigates Regulatory Humiliation in a $50bn Extraction Company

Locking Down Risk Before The Whistle Blows. General counsel asks the risk and communications executives to help protect the firm from the humiliation of corporate swatting by fabulist whistleblowers using the Department of Justice. Run Time: 00:04:08.

A Reputation for Trustworthiness Neutralizes Fake News at a $7bn Media Company

Getting Valued For Good Information That Neutralizes Bad Information. As a matter of national security after the fake tweet at Eli Lilly, a risk executive outlines a sophisticated strategy to make his company’s reputation for trustworthiness more resilient. Run Time: 00:05:17.

Reputation Insurance Forestalls ESG Risk at a $20bn Commercial Services Company

Protecting ESG Value Before Someone Else Challenges It. After Anheuser Busch’s incident with Bud Light, a risk executive realizes that his reputation risk insurance strategy also works for ESG risk. Run Time: 00:04:17.

A Reputation for Cyber Security Protects a $7bn Healthcare Company

Succeeding In a World Where Every Business Is In the Software Business. United Healths’ reputation crisis persuades leadership to increase cyber security-related resilience through an enterprise reputation risk management strategy. Run Time: 00:04:14.