Video Commentary

February 12, 2023

Demonstrating Quality and Effectiveness—not merely effort—is one of the strategic benefits of ESG and reputation insurances.

Demonstrating Quality and Effectiveness. In this recent post by the National Association of Corporate Directors, the lawyer authors write, “Documenting the board’s activities is a critical component of demonstrating management’s efforts to monitor relevant risks and board review of these efforts.” Under the DoJ’s enhanced enforcement guidelines, simply demonstrating effort is not sufficient. Demonstrating effectiveness—not merely effort—is crucial; and it is one of the strategic benefits of ESG and reputation insurances.

February 6, 2023

Authenticated Risk Strategy. If no one knows your firm has effective risk strategy, can it possibly be strategic?

A risk strategy, is, well, strategic. You know, it boosts value. If no one knows your firm has effective thoughtful risk management and dutiful governance over all that is mission critical, can it possibly be strategic? As the path to boosting equity value through share buybacks becomes increasingly expensive, this is a vital question CRO’s, CFO’s and board risk committees need to ask their risk leadership.

January 10, 2023

Even the excellent risk management of a fabled pharmaceutical company was challenged by the velocity of social media-amplified risk.

The military, and many corporate leaders, think in terms of an ‘OODA loop’ — the amount of time it takes to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. We live in an era where weaponized social media has compressed OODA time frame for reputation risk management dramatically, especially when institutional investors are on tenterhooks.

November 29, 2022

The bottom line: Mitigating an expectation shift by adapting or managing expectations reduces the risk of costly ESG | reputation risk.

Mitigating an expectation shift: An effective, thoughtful risk strategy. Of the many on offer, only our solution is quantitative, battle-tested, quality management-proven, and grounded in four Nobel Prize winning insights. The bottom line: mitigating costly reputation risk by targeting factors that would lead to a shift in expectations