Benefits for COMM’s

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Our products empower risk managers to inform senior marketing and communications executives with:

Intelligence and process information for messaging on risk management for financial, operational, “#-identity”, ESG-stakeholder capitalism, and global de-risking issues;
Early warning of emerging risks to inform the deployment of crisis communications teams and resources;
Tools for enhancing reputation health management; and
Strategies ensuring marketers and communicators have seats at the table in risk management, improving collaboration across the C-Suite and traditional silos.

Today’s strategic risk managers provide marketing and communications executives—generally recognized as the owners of corporate reputation—with insights and tools for authenticating their messaging. With broader and deeper visibility into reputation risk from a risk management point of view, they are better positioned to protect the reputation of the enterprise, meeting the expectations of internal and external stakeholders, including their executive suite and Board.

Articles for COMM’s

“Unsavory” may be forgiven, if not forgotten. Speculation aside, objectively, none of Steel City Re's reputation risk measures indicated a problem with MSGE. The obvious benefit of such objective metrics is that it protects CEOs’ reputation-linked compensation and shields boards from attacks. Is your reputation risk management process insurance-authenticated?

April 7, 2024

“Unsavory” may be forgiven, if not forgotten. Speculation aside, objectively, none of Steel City Re’s…
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April 1, 2024

Bud Light reputation crisis at one year. $1.4bn estimated loss in sales. Equity lagging S&P…
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January 6, 2024

Southwest Airlines reputation crisis. At crisis day 375, Southwest equity is under performing the S&P500…
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