February 24, 2010

Develop better communication strategies for stakeholders

Realize how superior management of intangible assets creates a competitive edge

Mitigate risks that may damage the value of intangible assets

Build a business case for resources and achieve a healthy return on investment

Identify intangible assets and how they contribute to a company’s enterprise value

Dr. Nir Kossovsky has spent the last thirty years increasing, protecting, and restoring intangible asset value and together with Todd Miller, a public relations expert, provides convincing and tangible methods for protecting a company’s assets, driving value, and making the business case. Business leaders will learn how to:

In Managing Risk and Reputation to Create Enterprise Value, the CEO of Steel City Re shares value-creating strategies for conquering headline risks that will help company executives, C-suite leaders, and directors protect the most critical components of their businesses.

February 24, 2010
Mission: Intangible

Dr. Kossovsky’s innovative methods for managing ethical compliance, quality, safety, sustainability and security will help all business leaders consciously manage intangible assets in order to realize enduring success.