July 3, 2021

“The so-called meme stock frenzy, which has led to a deluge of retail investors pouring into AMC, GameStop, Clover Health and the GEO Group, is a hotly debated topic on Wall Street, but for boards overseeing companies that suddenly have an influx of retail investors, sources say it’s important to nail down the right messaging, consider incentivizing these investors and use the cash wisely. […] “There’s a captive audience on Reddit,” says John Coffee Jr., a professor at Columbia Law School and director of its Center on Corporate Governance. “Almost like a fanatical group of worshippers.”

July 3, 2021

“Nir Kossovsky (wrote) that a sudden change in the profile of a company’s investors can shift expectations away from historic reality.”

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Reputation risk governance and management are vital in emotionally-charged environments.

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