Case Studies

June 13, 2024

The last lap of Southwest's 18-month reputation crisis. Activists investors! Link to a podcast on the meaning of all this for your company.

And now, the last bits of the tail of a reputation crisis. “Hedge fund Elliott Investment Management announced yesterday that it has a $1.9bn position in Southwest Airlines, comprising 11% of the company’s shares. It issued a letter to the airline’s board, calling for new directors, a new CEO, more executives from outside, and a comprehensive business review. In its letter, Elliott wrote, ‘While Southwest has a proud history, that history is not an argument for supporting poor leadership and sticking with a strategy that no longer succeeds in the modern airline industry.’” Relevant podcast on what this means for your company:

May 18, 2024

Boeing Proxy Advisers Split Boeing Proxy Advisers Split. Directors’ personal reputational value depends on how well they meet stakeholders’ expectations for contributing to institutional reputation resilience by dutifully overseeing thoughtful risk management over everything that is mission critical. Naturally, that personal reputation value sinks when influential third party proxy advisers imply that directors’ further contributions …

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April 1, 2024

Bud Light reputation crisis at one year. $1.4bn estimated loss in sales. Equity lagging S&P Food and Beverage Index (IFB) by 12% (~$14bn); and Molson Coors (TAP) by ~40%.

With reputation risk forecasting, management, and insurance, Steel City Re helps companies build and prove to stakeholders their thoughtful risk management and dutiful governance over all that is mission-critical. It is an authenticated story stakeholders can appreciate and value.