March 14, 2021

“As of March 12, 2021, the RepuSPX reputation arbitrage equity portfolio, refreshed annually, is out-performing the S&P500 Index by 481.67%.”

March 14, 2021

Steel City Re’s technology-driven quantitative rigor has been proven effective by financial markets in both insuring and arbitraging reputation risk.

Reputations are valuable strategic intangible assets. Risk to that value, or reputation risk, is the peril of economic damage to a firm and its reputation from the changed behaviors of aggrieved and emotionally charged stakeholders. For reputation risk mitigation, governance, risk and finance professionals need to implement strategies keyed to the protection of corporate cash flows. A framework like ours, informed by behavioral economic principles, is especially useful in ESG-centric firms because the essence has been adopted by BlackRock as a governance performance standard.

Risk management, risk financing in insurance captives, and risk transfer through reputation insurances comprise the constituent elements of a comprehensive reputation risk management solution. These seven (7) basic videos explain why and how.

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