April 16, 2024

A Reputation for Safety Sets Apart a $40bn Manufacturing Company : How We Helped our Stakeholders Stop Worrying and Waiting For A Proverbial Door To Fall Off. In this episode, triggered by the challenges at the Boeing Company, a risk executive and her leadership team use insurance strategically to allay her firm’s customers’ new fears of quality and safety.

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This podcast is based on a true story. Background data to the true story including the value at risk, return on an investment, and how Steel City Re’s solutions strengthen financial resilience are in the sidebar attached to the narrative. Click here.

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About this program. In our world of polycrises, perils are complex, interconnected, and costly. Gone are the days when reputation damage could be offset by insurance and apologetic communications. With business viability in jeopardy, strategic risk professionals are preemptively building programs to identify reputation exposures in operations and governance, closely measure stakeholder passions, and communicate operational foresight and resilience with the imprimatur of third-party parametric reputation insurance. Each 5-Minute Adventures in Risk & Resilience story takes you into the boardrooms and conversations where these successful strategies are being devised.

With reputation risk forecasting, management, and insurance, Steel City Re helps companies build and prove to stakeholders their thoughtful risk management and dutiful governance over all that is mission-critical. It is an authenticated story stakeholders can appreciate and value.

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