June 8, 2024

Lacking good solutions, $25 billion of Marsh clients’ premium is going to captives. Hey! Steel City Re's insurance is made for complex risk!

Captives are a solution to the lack of innovation. Martin South, president and chief executive officer, Marsh, was being interview by Penny Randall Seach, group chief underwriting officer, Zurich Insurance Company in a Global CEO fireside discussion at AIRMIC called ‘Global forces driving change: a future outlook’ Because the industry is not offering products that address clients’s needs as risks evolve, “some $25 billion of Marsh clients’ premium is now being retained using this form of risk transfer.“ In other news, insurer AXA is reorganizing US operations. Layoffs are expected. Meanwhile, Steel City Re has on offer a remarkably innovative original outcome-based solution to the most complex risk of all. It is a solution insureds have wanted since 2005, and it is backed today by Tokio Marine Kiln.

June 1, 2024

Parametric solutions are gaining prevalence as “insureds sought to support their retention strategies or close the protection gap.”

Take up rates for parametric risk transfer, insurance and reinsurance solutions have grown “dramatically” over the last year, according to broker Aon. In particular, Aon highlights a rapid shift in both insurance market and corporate risk transfer buyers perceptions of risk transfer alternatives, which is helping to drive more rapid uptake of parametric solutions. […] “There has never been a greater need for alternative risk transfer solutions, including parametric solutions and captives.”

May 3, 2024

Developing and Refining Risk Appetite and Tolerance. RIMS (S)ERM Executive Report. Monitor the risk landscape with metrics that are relevant, measurable, and actionable—before a crisis…advise Lianne Appelt, Lorie Graham and Trisha Sqrow. Hear a 5 Minute Adventure in Risk & Resilience podcast explain how with your bespoke edition of Steel City Re’s 3-part Resilience Monitor.

April 26, 2024

A Case Study, affirming the value and logic of fronting (or re-insuring) a captive–greatly simplified with parametric triggers–for Non-Damage Business Interrption (NDBI). Katoen Natie survived the pandemic by securing NDBI cover through its captive – something thought to be a near-impossible task. Chief risk officer Carl Leeman explains how he did it, and why he won’t stop pushing to test his captive’s potential.

October 11, 2023

Steel City Re Intelligence Unit Briefing: What derailed the ESG movement & what boards expect from risk management in the aftermath.

Steel City Re CEO and former Los Angeles County deputy coroner on what derailed the ESG movement & what boards expect from risk management in the aftermath.

November 8, 2022

Captives for a Challenging Market. Delaware Captive Insurance Association Fall Forum: Captives’ value in risk strategy.

Captives for a Challenging Market. Mitigating risk strategically through expectation management and operational adjustments evinces thoughtful management and dutiful governance. Financing such risks evinces prudence, and doing so publicly with insurance captives and reinsurance enables stakeholders to appreciate and value the effort. These comprise the core of Steel City Re’s professional services